Institution Type : Language School

New College Group (NCG), is a specialist college providing English Language Courses and Corporate Training. NCG has been established since 2011, and now has three schools in three amazing locations; Manchester, Liverpool and Dublin, Ireland. NCG has developed a strong relationship among international students for high quality teaching, friendly and supportive staff and state of the art facilities.

When studying at NCG students gain much more than the English Language and industry specific skills. By joining NCG, students get the opportunity meet and develop life-long relationships with like-minded people from all over the world, and in 2014 NCG had students from over 63 nationalities.

From the very first day at NCG, our team is there to attend to our students every need and ensure that they take back great memories from studying at NCG. Our aim is to make students feel that they are part of one big family.

NCG Schools:

Our facilities are state of the art. NCG schools are equipped with the latest technology and equipment for teaching the English language. We worked with some of the best artists in the UK to design unique NCG student-centred artwork throughout the schools, creating an incredible atmosphere for students at NCG. Our classrooms in Manchester & Liverpool have Interactive Whiteboards (IWB’s), and are both equipped with an IT suite, learning resource centre, games room and Samsung tablets on the walls for students to practice their English outside of the classroom too. Our Dublin school has apple TV inside classrooms, ipads to hire and a student relax area. Whichever school you choose, you will have a unique and enriching experience as you learn English and explore local culture.

NCG Teaching:

We pride ourselves on striving to be at the forefront of teaching the English language, by aiming to incorporate the latest technology and techniques used to provide students with the most conducive learning experience. This can be demonstrated by our introduction of our Techno Hubs.

The NCG Techno-hub is an interactive digital learning environment designed to encourage a greater level of collaborative and active learning experiences normally found in a traditional classroom. Equipped with bespoke learner-friendly furniture NCG wants students to have fun while learning. The techno hub provides an incredible digital experience where students will interact with large” tablets or the interactive white board , to create, play, analyse, discuss evaluate and apply their growing knowledge of English.

NCG Schools Locations:


Manchester is the UK’s second city and an incredible place to study. Manchester has the largest student population in Europe and welcomes students from all corners of the globe. Being home to the biggest football club in the world, Manchester is also a great location to enjoy international sporting events and with great transport links Manchester is an amazing study location.


Liverpool “The world in one city”.

Liverpool is one of the European Capitals of Culture and is renowned for its rich heritage and warm hospitality. It boasts three major Universities with a huge international student presence and outstanding student services. Liverpool has also established itself as one of Europe’s leading sports and entertainment capitals being making it a dream location to study in.


Dublin is an amazing city. It’s the capital of Ireland – the only English speaking country in the Eurozone. It has a rich cultural tradition, having been home to many famous writers and poets – and has been the setting for some of the most famous novels in the world. Dublin has some of the oldest and most famous universities in Europe, and makes for an inspiring place to learn English – with history all around you! Plus, Dublin is exciting in the present, too – it’s Europe’s techno hub and is home to companies like Facebook and Google. Dublin makes for a great hub to explore all around Europe.